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Private Universities for Veterans
Imagine attending Harvard University and Dartmouth College for free. Thanks to the New GI Bill and extra funding provided by some private universities the goal of attending a top private college for many veterans is within their financial reach.

Many accomplished private schools appear on our chart of the 30 Best Private Universities for Veterans below.

Findings & Recommendations
All private universities that made our list provide generous funding to veterans and act on their beliefs to educate military students. Some schools receive excellent rankings, many are recognized by name and several private universities have earned reputations for educating veterans.

The top eleven universities represent a diverse group. Aside from Harvard and Dartmouth, schools such as Brandeis University and the University of Rochester are more well-regarded regionally and all eleven pay 100% of private school tuition, which is a big advantage to veterans. If you can get admitted into these private schools, you have absolutely everything to gain from a decision to attend so enroll now.

The second tier of eleven universities pay over 80% of tuition for veterans, leaving the net tuition you pay between $340 and $7,100 per year. Private schools of this caliber represent an excellent value for veterans. Two Ivy league schools (University of Pennsylvania and Brown University), two universities in New York (Rensselaer Poly Tech and Syracuse University), three universities based in DC (George Washington, American and Georgetown) and three in the Midwest (University of Notre Dame, Case Western Reserve and Washington University in St. Louis) make the second cut of universities we recommend.

The final group has several standouts such as the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Boston University and Yale University where you'll pay $10,000 or more per year in tuition. As tuition rates increase, realize that private colleges cost on average almost $20,000 more per year than in-state public universities. Also, keep in mind that most additional fees and housing costs are covered under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, which are not accounted for in our evaluation below.

% Tuition
US News
Harvard University, MA 3369610001
Dartmouth College, NH384451000 11
Brandeis University, MA375301000 26
University of Rochester, NY378701000 29
Brigham Young University, UT4420100043
Northeastern University, MA34950100044
University of Denver, CO34596100046
Stevens Institute of Tech, NJ36600100046
Clark University, MA361001000 50
St. Louis University, MO321801000 50
University of Tulsa, OK272621000 50
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, NY3810099 33932
George Washington Univ., DC4161098 86036
University of Notre Dame, IN3991997 130620
Case Western Reserve, OH35900 95 169431
Washington Univ. in St. Louis3940095 206812
American University, DC3445694 214246
Brown University, RI3992891 3690 16
Lehigh University, PA39480 89 434629
University of Pennsylvania36208 87 46044
Georgetown University, DC38616 82 706622
Syracuse University, NY33630796983 38
Boston University, MA379107210578 37
Drexel University, PA367007011096 50
University of Chicago, IL3855071111488
Marquette University, WI300406311187 46
Northwestern University, IL38008671253212
Yale University, CT365006114116 3
Pepperdine University, CA37516601511138

If the private university you prefer is not on the recommended list, you may take one or more of the following actions:
  • contact the school in question and inquire about their future tuition policies toward veterans and additional funding contributions to the Yellow Ribbon Program;
  • look to in-state or out-of-state public universities;
  • apply for need-based or merit aid to cover any shortfalls;
  • talk to your supervising officer, education services office and state government reps to get more state schools involved with tuition waivers before August 1, 2010;
  • consider the tradeoffs of paying more in tuition.